Messages Achives


1 SU300183 The acts of the holy spirit
1 SU020183 The God of the covenant
2 SU060283 Seeing the invisible
3 SU130283 The way of the multitude and sinners
4 SU270283 The steps of Jesus
5 SU060383 Lovest   thou me?
7 SU270383 Paralysing forces of fear
7 SU200383 The key that unlocks heaven
8 SU100483 Fight the good fight of faith
9 SU170483 The worm in the hand of God
10 SU240483 Faithful stewardship
11 SU010583 The ministry of angels
12 SU080583 Rebuilding our family
13 SU150583 The way into the kingdom
15 SU050683 What is man?
16 SU120683 Biblical basis for thanksgiving
17 SU190683 Peace and Holiness
18 SU260683 Where are he Isaiahs?
19 SU020783 Money:master,monster or messenger
20 SU030783 Characteristics of babes in christ
21 SU100783 DEATH
22 SU240783 It is Friday, Sunday is coming
23 SU310783 Purpose before partner
24 SU070883 The first day of the week
25 SU140883 Do we look for another saviour?
26 SU210883 Blessed assurance
27 SU280883 Knowing christ
28 SU040983 One accord
29 SU110983 Christian essentials and holy anger
30 SU180983 The Lord”s second coming
34 SU250983 Keeping your victory
35 SU091083 The search for joy
36 SU161083 Godly Women
37 SU231083 RELIGION
38 SU301083 Our father God
39 SU131183 The love of God for you
40 SU201183 Saved, sanctified, satisfied and steadfast
41 SU271183 Being thankful to God
42 SU041283 True and False Worship
43 SU111283 Though troubled, it is well
44 SU181283 The beginning of a great victory or fall
45 SU251283 Envy, Strife and Division
46 SU010184 Knowing God
47 SU101084 God’s plan and purpose for you
48 SU080184 God’s plan for giving
49 SU150184 Covenant with my mouth
50 SU220184 Christian principles and practice
51 SU290184 How to conquer fear
52 SU050284 The believers’ refuge
53 SU120284 The Church
54 SU190284 Jesus’ thoughts on prayer
55 SU260284 Obedience in faith
56 SU040384 The destructive plague
57 SU110384 Serving the body of Christ
58 SU160384 Ten marks of true spiritual service
59 SU250384 Harvesting in the kingdom
60 SU010484 Divine and human partnership
61 SU080484 A little leaven
62 SU150484 The master’s speech
63 SU290484 The heartbeat of the almighty
64 SU060584 A compelling motive: you and the church
65 SU130584 The spirit of this age
66 SU200584 The will of God
67 SU270584 The threefold witness
68 SU030684 Success and victory…How?
69 SU100684 Hinderances to victory
70 SU170684 Christ’ commitment to the church
71 SU240684 God’s way to the top
72 SU010784 Introduction to marriage
73 SU080784 Finding, knowing and doing God’s will
74 SU150784 The time of courtship
75 SU220784 Journey into marriage
76 SU290784 Helps for the newly married
77 SU050884 What couples should know
78 SU120884 renewing
79 SU190884 Child training: Building for tomorrow I
80 SU260884 Child training: Building for tomorrow II
81 SU020984 Staying together
82 SU090984 SIN E|Y
83 SU160984 The forgotten example
84 SU230984 Getting the best from God
85 SU071084 Freedom from worry
86 SU141084 Fill my cup
87 SU211084 Holy living and sanctification
88 SU281084 God’s pattern and purpose for the church
89 SU041184 Divine presence in service
90 SU111184 The advert of the holy ghost
91 SU181184 Men of like passion
92 SU251184 The Lord my shepherd
93 SU021284 Praying unto te father|Privilege of praying
94 SU091284 Remember Lot’s wife
95 SU161284 The seeking God, christ and the church
96 SU301284 He that thirsteth
97 SU060185 God of covenant
98 SU130685 Seven steps to answered prayer
99 SU270185 Believers’ observance of Sunday
100 SU030285 Life in the kingdom
101 SU100285 Key to happiness
102 SU170285 Peace after Pain
103 SU240285 Inheriting the promises
104 SU030385 The pursuit of the true believer
105 SU100385 Channels of mercy
106 SU170385 Profit in purity, happiness in holiness
107 SU240385 Bringing peace to our world
108 SU210485 Preparation for blessing
109 SU280485 The Pure: Popular or Persecuted
110 SU120585 The influence of saints in the society
111 SU190585 The purpose of living
112 SU260585 Rise up and build
113 SU020685 God; A faithful rewarder
114 SU160685 The law and the Lord
115 SU230685 The permanence of the scripture
116 SU300685 The righteousness that God requires
117 SU070785 Righteousness; External action or Internal attitude?
118 SU140785 Righteousness; Love without Lust
119 SU210785 Essentials of spiritual growth
120 SU180885 The true light on marriage
121 SU250885 God’s standard in marriage
122 SU010985 Christ prohibits swearing
123 SU150985 An eye for an eye
124 SU220985 The believers’ responsibility towards others
125 SU290985 Building for tomorrow
126 SU061085 The great commission for the grea congregation
127 SU131085 Dealing with enemies
128 SU201085 Love: The centrality of christian character
129 SU031185 The evil of hypocrisy
130 SU101185 Motivation for giving
131 SU171185 The privilege of praying
132 SU241185 The Lord’s prayer
133 SU011285 Gospel proclamation
134 SU021285 The purpose of the birth of christ
135 SU081285 Life without Christ
136 SU151285 The world at our doorstep
137 SU221285 The gospel feast
138 SU050186 The old and the new creation
139 SU260186 Preparing for a harvest of blessings
140 SU020286 The great decision
141 SU090286 Overcoming temptation
142 SU230286 The final judgement
143 SU090386 How to survive in the last days
144 SU160386 The danger of self management
145 SU230386 The evidence of regeneration
146 SU130486 The test of life and death
147 SU120486 Doing God’s will
148 SU270486 Divine guidance for believers
149 SU180586 The power of a humble life
150 SU250586 The believer’s conduct
151 SU010686 Building on the rock
152 SU080686 The father’s choice for you
153 SU150686 The spirit’s controlled family I
154 SU220686 The spirit’s controlled family II
155 SU290686 When the wine finished
156 SU060786 Foundation of prosperity
157 SU130786 Steps to prosperity
158 SU200786 The key to heaven’s bank
159 SU270786 Wisdom in want and wealth
160 SU030886 The gateway into abundant life
161 SU100886 365 days of agony
162 SU240886 The fruit bearing life
163 SU070986 God’s call to dominion
164 SU140986 Satan and his agents exposed and expelled
165 SU210986 Pulling down the strongholds
167 SU280986 Mountain moving faith
168 SU051086 The new commandment
169 SU121086 Love: God’s nature in man
170 SU191086 Success and achievement through love
171 SU071286 Protection under His blood
172 SU141286 The ministry of the angels
173 SU211286 Divine insurance policy
174 SU281286 Preservation from evil
175 SU040187 A new beginning with God
176 SU110187 Faith journey to the other side
177 SU250187 Covenant names of God
178 SU080287 Preparation for spiritual growth
179 SU150287 The highway of holiness
180 SU080387 The believers’ security
181 SU150387 Following the steps of Jesus
182 SU050487 The life that pleases God
183 SU120487 The believers’ responsibility
184 SU190487 Power over diseases,death and the devil
185 SU260487 Christ’s second coming
186 SU030587 Rising above your circumstances
187 SU070687 Prayer: Asking and receiving
188 SU140687 Prayer of faith
189 SU210687 Conditions for answered prayer
190 SU260687 The key to abundant life
191 SU070887 Escape from judgement
192 SU090887 Every believers ministry
193 SU100887 Commitment to christ’s commission
194 SU230887 Satan’s attack on the church
195 SU300887 Our significant little member
196 SU060987 The believer’s risen life
197 SU130987 Fellowship among brethren
198 SU181087 Small beginnings of great victories
199 SU251087 Preparation for the supernatural outpouring
200 SU011187 Double cure for twin problems
201 SU081187 The key that unlock heaven door
202 SU151187 The covenant
203 SU221187 The power of Jesus name
204 SU291187 Dominion over demon
205 SU061287 Changing the curse into a blessing
206 SU131287 Preparation for abundant blessing
207 SU201287 Showers of blessing
208 SU100188 God’s covenant with man
209 SU170188 God’s to covenant keepers
210 SU240188 God’s covenant with Israel
211 SU310188 God’s law for God’s covenant people
212 SU070288 The secret of long life and divine protection
213 SU140288 Covenant blessing for the family
214 SU210288 Divine formular for prosperity
215 SU280288 Covenant blessing for the wholesome tongue
216 SU060388 The posssibilities of prayer
217 SU130388 Condition for answering prayer
218 SU200388 The effectual prayer
219 SU270388 Lord, teach us to pray
220 SU030488 The ressurection of Jesus Christ
221 SU010588 The Bible: God’s message to man
222 SU080588 The bible hidden habit
223 SU150588 Knowing God
224 SU220588 The family of God
225 SU290588 The unsearchable riches of Christ
226 SU050688 Principles of christian discipleship
227 SU120688 Christ’s church:Built on the rock
228 SU19068 The Holy spirit
229 SU260688 The fruits of the spirit
230 SU030788 Man: From creation to ressurection
231 SU100788 Man greatest problem: Sin
232 S170788 Repentance towards God
233 SU070888 Your unavoidable responsibility
234 SU140888 The christian temptation
235 SU210888 Complete consecration
236 SU280888 Sanctification: The believer’s experience
237 SU040988 Restitution
238 SU110988 Practical holiness
239 SU180988 Qualification for heavenly citizenship
240 SU250988 The shepherd of the sheep
241 SU011088 Miracle for the needy
242 SU091088 Growing in grace
243 SU151088 The christian baptism
244 SU301088 Obedience to God
245 SU061188 The baptism of the Holy spirit
246 SU131188 The fulness of God
247 SU201188 Warning for latter day saints
248 SU271188 The christian and the world
249 SU041288 The world in the church
250 SU111288 The good old way
251 SU181288 Remember Lot’s wife
251 SU251288 The purpose of Christ’s second coming
252 SU010189 New year for new creature
253 SU080189 The three fold covenant blessings
254 SU150189 God’s faithfulness to covenant keeping children
255 SU220189 God’s armour for the new year
256 SU290189 A charge for the new year
257 SU050289 The refining work of the spirit
258 SU120289 Earthly gain and spiritual
259 SU190289 Freedom from bondage and oppression
260 SU260289 The blood of atonement
261 SU050389 The bride of Christ
262 SU120389 The mission of Christ
263 SU190389 The true followers of Christ
264 SU260389 Christ’s ressurection
265 SU020489 Clean hands and a pure heart
266 SU090489 The believer’s testimony
267 SU160489 The tongue’s position on the body
268 SU230489 The fruits of a christian life
269 SU300489 The believer’s baptism
270 SU210589 Watch and Pray
271 SU280589 The old path
272 SU040689 How to deal with easily besetting sin
273 SU110689 Serving God in troublous time
274 SU180689 Keeping the faith
275 SU250689 Warning against unequal yoke
276 SU020789 Tithes and Offerings
277 SU300789 The first love
278 SU060889 The great commandment
279 SU130889 Fellowship among the brethren
280 SU200889 The golden rule
281 SU270889 Warning against false prophets
282 SU030989 Worldliness and carnality
283 SU100989 Godliness in the market place
284 SU170989 The life of righteousness
285 SU240989 The grace of God
286 SU011089 Partakers of God’s nature
287 SU081089 The victorious christian
288 SU151089 The grace of bearing and forbearing
289 SU051189 Running the race
290 SU121189 Obedience to the heavenly vision
291 SU191189 The church without spot
292 SU261189 The changeless gospel
293 SU031289 Spiritual cleansing
294 SU101289 The cost of lost opportunity
295 SU311289 Christ’s call on the last day
296 SU070190 New commission for the new year
297 SU140190 Divine commission for conqueror
298 SU210190 Entry by faith and obedience
299 SU280190 Conditions of citizenship in the kingdom
300 SU040290 Readiness before crossing jordan
301 SU110290 Sanctification before entry
302 SU250290 Walking through the impossible
303 SU040390 Memorials for future generation
304 SU110390 Circumcision before possessing canaan
305 SU250390 Obedience and encouragement
306 SU010490 Conquest of faith
307 SU080490 Defeat after victory
308 SU150490 To deal with easily besetting sin
309 SU220490 Resurrection: the cornerstone of christians
310 SU290490 Love is the key
311 SU200590 Destined to overcome
312 SU270590 Godliness with contentment
313 SU100690 The believers’ choice in the last day
314 SU170690 REMEMBER
315 SU240690 Love: Key to christian witness
316 SU220790 Rapture of the saints
317 SA200790 Anfaani jijeom\ipa-ona si ibukun
318 SA240790 (Ibeere ati idahun) irapada ati atunse
319 SA250790 (Ibeere ati idahun) irapada ati atunse
320 SA270790 (Ibeere ati idahun) irapada ati atunse
321 SU290790 Discipleship and Fellowship
322 SU050890 Love and Forgiveness
323 SU120890 The mind of christ
324 SU190890 Power of christian living
325 SU190890\Y Agbara fun bigbe aye onigbagbo
326 SU260890 Iwa alofin igbe isinsinyi
327 SU260890/1 Lawlessness of the present day
328 SU020990 Igbagbo ati igboya ninu isin olorun
329 SU230990 The spirit directed ministry and life
330 SU300990 Christ’s prayer for you
331 SU071090 Complaints and Criticism
332 SU141090 Men’s heart and tongue
333 SU211090 Obedience to the first commission
334 SU281090 Portraits of Christ
335 SU041190 The essence of true christianity/Pataki esin kristiani
336 SU041190/1 Pataki esin kristiani
337 SU111190/1 Ipamo ati abo christiani/The basis of christian secuirty
338 SU181190 Ewu ti o wa ni egbe buburu/The danger in evil association
339 SU251190 Following Jesus Christ
400 SU021290 The christian Treasure/Isura Onigbagbo/Aku nka ndi Kraist
401 SU301290 Thoughts concerning the end/Ero nipa igbehin
402 SU130191 Children of the Kingdom/Omo ijoba Orun
403 SU200191 The perplexing Question/Ibere ti o da okan laamu
404 SU270191 Divine operation in man’s heart/Ise iyanu ninu okan eniyan
405 SU030291 Causes and cure for spiritual blindness/Itunriran fun Ifoju Okan
406 SU100291 Receiving the holy ghost/Gbigba emi mimo
407 SU170291 Christian unity among brethren/Isokan laarin ara ninu Oluwa
408 SU240291 Submission to God’s will/Jijiwo ara eni funife olorun
409 SU030391 ye are my witness/ Eyin ni eleri mi
410 SU170391 Partaker of divine nature/Alabapin aworan olorun
411 SU240391 Fruits and bread for our labour/Eso ati
412 Su210491 The great commission and the cross
413 SU280491 The highway of Holiness
414 SU050591 Steadfastness in doctrine
415 SU120591 Striving to enter the kingdom
416 SU180591 Keep thyself pure
417 SU260591 The great commandment
418 SU090691 Awake to righteousness/Looking unto Jesus
419 SU160691 Victory over temptation
420 SU070791 Escaping God’s Judgement
421 SU140791 Fellowship Among brethren
423 SU210791 Sanctification and christlikeness
424 SU280791 Righteousness and restitution
425 SU040891 The believer and his Bible
426 SU110891 Maintianing Daily Victory
427 SU180891 Triumph over temptation
428 SU250891 Tongue; Agent of life
429 SU080991 God’s demand for Holiness
430 SU150991 The believer’s choice on the last day
431 SU220991 The disciples Joy in the across
432 SU290991 Disciples and fellowship
433 SU061091 This present world
434 SU131091 The power of quiet life
435 SU201091 Love; The key to christian witness
436 SU271091 Remember
437 SU031191 Love and forgiveness
438 SU101191 Godliness with contentment
439 Su171191 The rapture of saint
440 SU241191 Necessary in Holiness experience
441 SU011291 Balanced obedience to God’s word
442 SU081291 Running the christian race
443 SU151291 Heart searching questions
444 SU221291 Destined to overcome
445 SU050192 God’s covenant with the redeemed/ With children
446 SU120192 The blood of the covenant
447 SU190192 The covenant keepers
448 SU260192 The new covenant
449 SU290192 Condition of citizenship in the kingdom
450 SU020292 Keep thyself pure
451 SU090292 Awake to righteousness
452 SU230292 The high way of holiness
453 SU010392 Escaping God’s kingdom
454 SU080392 The greatest in God’s judgement/Search the scripture
455 SU150392 Call from darkness to light/Search the scripture
456 SU220392 The freedom of the sons of God/Search the scripture
457 SU290392 Our unity in Christ/Search the scripture
458 SU050492 The believer and his bible/Search the scripture
459 SU120492 Resurrection;Cornerstone of christian truth
460 SU260492 How to survive in the last days
461 SU030592 Qualification for heavenly citizenship
462 SU100592 Necessary inner holiness experience
463 SU170592 Steadfastness in doctrine
464 SU240592 Love is the key
465 SU310592 Christ prayer for you
466 SU070692 Partakers of divine nature
467 SU140692 Tongue:Agent of life and death
468 SU210692 Giving to change the world
479 SU280692 Our influence in the world
480 SU050792 The power of a quiet life
481 SU120792 Sanctification and christlikeness
482 SU190792 Restitution and righteousness
483 SU260792 Running the christian race
484 SU020892 Balanced obedience to God’s word
485 SU160892 Victory Over temptation
486 SU230892 A call to intercession/The rapture and the second coming of Christ
487 SU310892 Causes and cure for backsliding
488 SU060992 Youth in the church
489 SU130992 Men’s heart and tongue
490 SU200992 Thy will be done
491 SU270992 The humility of true christians
492 Su041092 God’s demand for Holiness
493 SU111092 Passport to a better country
494 SU181192 The book of life
495 SU251092 The christian business Man
496 SU011192 Righteousness by Grace
497 SU081192 God’s word in the heart
498 SU151192 God’s impartial Judgement
499 SU221192 The conscience of the righteous
500 SU291192 Sustaining life through prayer
501 SU061292 The great commandment/God’s love in the heart
502 SU131292 Fellowship among brethren
503 SU030193 The Bible:God’s revelation to man
504 SU100193 Purity of heart and its evidence
505 SU170193 The meek who thirst after righteousness
506 SU240193 The inspiration of the Holy Bible
507 SU310193 Possessors of the Kingdom
508 SU070293 Joy and blessing in persecution
509 SU140293 The Gospel of God
510 SU210293 The characteristics of a true spiritual life
511 Su280293 transformation in salvation
512 SU070393 God’s judgement against sin
513 SU140393 The exceeding sinfulness of man
514 SU210393 Condemnation of religious hypocrite
515 SU280393 The basis of God’s judgement
516 SU040493 God’s evaluation of religious profession
517 SU180493 The neglected advantage of the Jews
518 SU250493 Sin and Guilt of all men
519 SU020593 Acceptable obedience in God’s sight
520 SU090593 Righteousness through faith Christ
521 SU160593 The believer’s relationship to God’s law
522 SU230593 Christ church, the word and you
523 SU300593 Christ teaching on the law
524 SU060693 Faith and the ten commandment
525 SU130693 Faith and true worship
526 SU200693 Faith and reverence for God
527 SU270693 Faith and respect for parent
528 SU040793 Christ’s warning concerning false prophets
529 SU110793 Faith in God and love for our neighbours
530 SU180793 Faith that produces honesty of character
531 SU250793 Christ’s witnessess today
532 SU010893 Faith that sets us free from coveteousness
533 SU081093 Old testament confirmation and justification by
534 SU150893 Church growth through evangelisation
535 SU220893 Righteousness by grace through faith
536 SU290893 God’s promises received through faith
537 SU050993 The benefits of salvation in Christ
538 SU120993 Believers’ new life in Christ
539 SU190993 Sin revealed by law and destroyed by Christ
540 SU260993 Scriptural basis for assurance of salvation
541 SU101093 The spirit controlled life
542 SU171093 The spirit’s ministry in the believers’ life
543 SU171093// Praying to live in the corrupt world Q&A
544 SU241093 Saints’ confidence in God’s keeping power
545 SU311093 Fruits and reward for our labour
546 SU311093//1 Challenge for continuing service EY
547 SU311093Q&S Q&S, Dealing with Backsliders
548 SU071193 Learning from David’s contradictory action
549 SU071193// The high calling of Christ’s church
550 SU091193 The Surrendered conseccrated life
551 Su 211193 Knowing and doing God’s will
552 SU281193 The service of consecrated saints
553 Su051293 Serving one another in love/Q&S, The unprofitable servant & offenses in the church
554 SU121293 Entrance into the body/Entrance into the kingdom EY
555 SU020194 Heaven’s guaranttee for answer prayer/The gifts of the spirit
556 SU090194 Pattern of prayer I & II/Q&S, Healing Covenant
557 SU160194 Priority of Prayer
558 SU230194 Petition In Prayer/ What to do in time of discouragement
559 SU300194 Preservation through prayer/Q&A, Danger of associating with backslider
560 SU060294 Protection through prayer
561 SU130294 Causes and cure of backsliding/Praying through to victory
562 SU200294 believer’s restitution and worker clear conscience/Q&A, How to claim bible promises
563 SU200294/ Restitution and clear conscience of Christ followers
564 SU270294 Sanctified heart and salty tongue
565 SU060394 God’s chalenge to absolute surrendered Christian/Q&A, Respect of person
566 SU060394/ Reward of absolutely surrendered servants
567 SU139394 Reward speech of the new man
568 SU200394 Compromising stand during persecution and temptation
569 SU200394/ Q&A On Humility
570 SU220394 The power of prayer of faith
571 SU270394 Renewed of speech of the new man
572 SU100494 Vessel of honour or vessel of dishonour
573 SU170494 The basis of christian security
574 SU170494/ Q&A On Restitution
575 SU240494 Steadfastness in doctrine
576 SU010594 The freedom of the sons of God
577 SU080594 The disciple’s joy in the cross/Q&A on David’s fall into sin
578 SU080594/ Holiness unto the Lord
579 SU150594 God’s highway of holiness
580 SU220594 Warning for latter day believers
581 SU290594 Qualification for heavenly citizenship
582 SU050694 God’s unchanging infalliable word
583 SU190694 Life style of heaven bound citizens
584 SU260694 Sanctification and practical
585 SU030794 The rapture of the saints
586 SU030794/ Q&A on Avoiding backsliding and restoring the backslider
587 SU030794// Almost a christian
588 SU170794 Worldliness and carnality
589 SU240794 Running the christian race
590 SU310794 Love and forgiveness
591 SU070894 Christ’s prayer for you
592 SU140694 Our unity in Christ
593 SU210894 The sign of Christ coming
594 SU280894 Conversion and christian life
595 SU040994 Sanctification and practical holiness
596 SU110994 The christian complete armour
597 SU180994 Spiritual thirst and divine goodnews
598 SU250994 Reconciliation with God and His people
599 SU250994/ Fellowship and communion of the saints
600 SU021094 Righteousness by grace
601 SU091094 The mind of Christ.
602 SU161094 Secrets of inner victory
603 SU231094 Woman: Wealth and worldliness
604 SU301094 Sustaining life through prayer
605 SU061194 The high calling of Christ church
606 SU131194 The surrendered consecrated life
607 SU201194 Knowing and doing God’s will
608 SU271194 God’s word in the heart
609 SU041294 Love: The key to christian witness
610 SU111294 Ye have need of patience/ God’s impartial Judgement
611 SU181294 Keeping the faith
612 SU010195 God’s plan for your life
613 SU080195 The blood of the covenant
613 SU080195/ Partnership with God
614 SU150195 The key that unlocked heaven’s treasure house
615 SU220195 Abundant life in God’s presence
616 SU050295 Praying through to victory/ The seal of our covenant with God
617 SS050295/ Q&A,The reign of Rehoboam and the division of the kingdom
618 SU120295 Small things that bring eternal punishment EY
619 SS190295 Seeking help from unbelieving relatives
620 SU190295 Keeping the faith or falling from Grace
621 SS260295 Q&A, Ahab, the wicked king of Israel
622 SU260295 The fruit bearing christian
623 SS050395 Q&A, The mission and ministry of Elijah EY
624 SU050395 Giving that brings blessing EY
625 SU120395 Tarry for the latter rain
626 SS120395 Q&A; Certainty of Christ second coming
627 SU190395 Preparing labourers for the later day Harvest
628 SS020495 Q&A; Reverence for and consistency through the Holy Spirit
629 SU020495 Walking in the Spirit
630 SS090495 Q&A; The miraculous ministry in the early church
631 SU090495 The tittles of the exalted Christ
632 SU230495 The vision of an awakened church
633 SS230495 Q&A; The gift of the spirit
634 SS300495 Q&A; The fruit of the spirit
635 SU300495 God’s call to the overcoming life
636 SU300495/ GS meeting with Deeper life student teachers
637 SS070595 Q&A; The rapture and the second coming of Christ
638 SU070595 The power of transforming grace
639 SS140595 Q&A; The miracle in Elijah’s ministry
640 SU140595 Call to Decision and steadfastness
641 SS210595 A&Q; The effect of unequal yoke in fellowship
642 SU210595
642 SS280595 Q&A; Birth day ceremony and caring for the needy
643 SU280595 Burning the bridge behind us
644 SS040695 Q&A; The call of Elisha and Elijah translation
645 SU040695 Have ye received the Holy Ghost
646 SS110695 Q&A; Lesson from Ahab negligent
647 SU110695 The tragedy of a busy but misspent life
648 SS180695 Persecution; Alter call for those to sponsor students undergoing persecution
649 SU180695 Preaching during persecution
650 SS250695 Q&A;Covering for worship and serving God every where
651 SU250695 Giving and caring for the brethren
652 SS020795 Q&A; Speaking the truth/ Boldness in preaching
653 SU020795 Judging prophets and prophecies
654 SU160795 God’s chalenge to absolutely surrendered christian/Forgiveness from a christlike heart
655 SU230795 The believer’s sanctification experience
656 SU300795 Christian influence in the world
657 SS060895 Q&A; Quiet time and family devotion
658 SU060895 The grasshopers and giant
659 SS130895 The diference between coveteousness and godly desire
660 SU130895 When believers sleep
661 SS200895 Q&A; Divine discipline for making Jesus of sacred matters
662 SU200895 The beauty and the glory of Heaven
663 SU270895 The believer’s prayer of faith
664 SS270895 Q&A; Power and authority of a new testment believers
665 SS030995 Q&A; chalenge from Naaman/ Test of obedience and humility
666 SU030995 Reemption and divine ownership
667 SS170995 Q&A; Discening of spirit and believers victory over demons
668 SU170995 Uncompromising stand during persecution and temptation
669 SU170995/ Heaven bound children of God/The power of the prayer of faith
670 SS240995
671 SU240995 Spirit-led Evangelism and services
672 SS081095 Developing your faith and fact about raising the dead
673 SU081095 Earthly and heavenly wisdom
674 SS151095 Q&A:Evidence of conversion:Trust in God not in man
675 SU151095 The leading of the spirit
677 SS051195 Q&A: God almighty still answers prayer
678 SU051195 The humility of true christians
679 SS121195 Q&A: Danger in delay & wisdom in soul winning
680 SU121195 Christ’s neglected warning
681 SS191195 Q&A: Handling accusation of demonic oppression in the church
682 SU191195 Converts becoming more than conquerors
683 SU031295 Acceptable obedience in God’s sight
684 SS101295 Q&A; Appointed leaders and the believer’s response to a call today
685 SU101295 Answering the call to evangelism/Thy will be done
686 SU171295 Consecration and christian giving
687 SU171295/ God’s chastizes his children and paying his vow
688 SU311295 Steping into the new year
689 SS311295 Right attitude in persecution and God’s unexpected deliverance
690 SU071296 New miracles everyday
691 SS070196 Q&A:God chastises His children/paying our vows
692 SS140196 Qualities of effective soul winning/God wants all saved
693 SU140196 Blessing throughout the year
694 SU210196 The possession of a confession christian
695 SS210196 Q&A: Unto death/Love and humility in the home
696 SU280196 The blessing of abiding
697 SU040296 Divine supply for God’s sheep
698 SS040296 Q&A: From the old covenant’s sabbath to the new covenant’s Sunday
699 SU110296 The effect of conversion on the tongue
700 SS110296 Child training/ Dealing with difficult children
701 SU180296 Good cause for great zeal
702 SS180296 Keep thyself/ Changing God’s miracle into idolatry
703 SU250296 Little things that count
704 SS250296 Q&A Diligence in duity and identifying pride in self
705 SU030396 Clay in the potter’s hand
706 SS030396 Reasons for false teachers and Israel’s return from captivity
707 SU100396 Honourable vessels in the master’s house
708 SS100396 Q&A: The meaning of revival and how to experience it
709 SU170396 My neighbour’s bible
710 SS170396 Q&A: Hinderances to evangelism and new testament privileges
711 SU240396 The heavenly vision and our first love
712 SS240396 Q&A: Angel and sanctification
713 SU310396 Building the life of faith
714 SU070496 Christ’s resurrection and its benefits
715 SU140496 Following the Lord till the end
716 SS140496 Q&A: Where Jesus went at death
717 SU210496 Power for the present task
718 SS210496 Q&A: Persistence/ creating time &opportunities for preaching
719 SU281096 Lessons from the parable of the sower
720 SS280496 Q&A: Division of labour in evangelism
721 SU050596 The walk of the new man
722 SS050596 Q&A: Bible proofs of God’s assembly
723 SU190596 The christian’s complete armour
724 SU140596 Call to decision and steadfastness
725 SU260596 Forgiveness from a Christlike heart
726 SU020696 Leaving our burdens with the Lord/The believers prayer of faith
727 SS020696 Q&A: Hezekiah’s sickness and trial
728 SU090696 Calling backsliders to blessing
729 SS090696 Q&A: Genuine repentance and winning the religious people
730 SU160696 Calling backslider to blessing
731 SU230696 The more excellent way
732 SS230696 Q&A; Bible proofs of the rapture and the truth about fallen angel
733 SU300696 The life and ministry of false prophets
734 SS300696 Q&A; possibilities of miracle and biblical prophesying
735 SU070796 Tarry for the later rain
736 SU140796 Walking in the spirit
737 SU210796 Call to decision and steadfastness
738 SS210796 Q&A; Great tribulation and the antichrist
739 SU280796 Looking and walking by faith E/Y
740 SS280796 Q&A; identity of the 144,000 Saints
741 SU040896 Overcoming worry and anxiety
742 SS040896 Christlike love despite offenses
743 SU110896 Chrisian comportment in time of discouragement
744 SU180896 The joy of child training/Q&A; Conduct of christian leaders children
745 SU250896 The christian soldier in spiritual warfare/Josiah restore true worship in Judah
746 SU010996 The beauty and the Glory of Heaven
747 SU080996 The Gospel of God’s Grace/the goodnews
748 SU150996 The kingship of Jesus Christ
749 SS150996 Q&A;First becoming last and believer’s authority over evil workers
760 SU220996 The deadly influence of unequal yoke
761 SU290996 The importance of true conversion/Keeping the gospel fire/The perfect knowledge of God
762 SU061096 The church; Visible and invisible/Understanding forgiveness/ Persuading men unto salvation
763 SU131096 The christian and the church
764 SU201096 Spiritual power in the church
765 SU271096 Building the church with Christ/ Breaking parental curse and covenant with the devil
766 SU291096 Q&A;Prevailing prayer for divine healing
767 SS301096 Q&A;New convert and the Lord supper/Keeping faith in persecution
768 SU031196 Call to christian love and loyalty
769 SU101196 Christ’s promise to the persecuted
770 SS101196 Things that hinder God’s financial blessing
771 SU171196 The fearful consequence of compromise
772 SS171196 Church leadership succession/ Isaiah sanctification experience
773 SU241196 Fighting against impurity in the church
774 SS241196 Q&A; Reason for the treatment of mental problem
775 SU011296 Christ’s call to separete and steadfastness
776 SU081296 Life for the dead
777 SU151296 Spiritual opportunity for the faithful
778 SU221296 Permanent rivival and fellowship with Christ
779 SU050197 The new language of faith
780 SS120197 Faith in our covenant keeping God
781 SS/SU190197 Divine human partnership through faith
782 SS/SU260197 The faith of Abraham
783 SU020297 The power of praying and fasting
784 SS/SU090297 Holiness our great need
785 SS/SU160297 readiness for Christ second coming
786 SS230297 Tragedy of being unprepared
787 SU090397 Giving that brings blessing
788 SU160397 Christ example for true disciples
789 SU300397 Christ resurrection and his benefit
790 SU060497 The believers and his Bible
791 SU200497 My neighbour’s Bible/ The walk of the new man
792 Su270497 Convert becoming more than conqueror
793 SS/SU270497 Christian parent highest responsibility
794 SU040597 Effective prevailing prayer
795 SU110597 Maturation and multiplication through follow-up
796 SU180597 God’s image, Lost and regained
797 SS/SU250597 Complet salvation for all
798 SU010697 Partakers of divine nature
799 SU080697 Sinner transformation to saint
800 SS/SU150697 Overcoming the flesh by the spirit
801 SU290697 looking and walking by faith
802 Su060797 The more excellent way
803 SU130797 Little things that count for/Being our brother’s keeper/ Live in love and unity
804 SU200797 Watching against Satan temptation
805 SU030897 Overcoming worry and anxiety/ Childlike humility of true believers
806 SU100897 Life style of Heaven bound citizen
807 SU170897 The path to spiritual growth
808 SS/SU240897 Youth training and development
809 SS/SU070997 The fulness of the spirit
810 SS/SU210997 Fellowship among the brethren
811 SS/SU280997 The believer’s call out of the world
812 SS/SU191097 The overcoming life
813 SS/SU261097 The urgency of fulfilling the great commission
814 SS/SU161197 The great disappointment of last day hypocrites
815 SS/SU231197 Courage to obey God
816 SS/SU301197 Beware of false prophet
817 SU040198 The past, the present and the future
818 SS/SU110198 Three of our best companion in life
819 SS/SU180198 Our privilege in Christ
820 SU080298 The Holy Spirit and the Holy Scriptures
821 SS/SU010398 Restoration, revival and renewal in God’s presence
822 Su080398 God’s peculiar treasure
823 SS/SU150398 The blessed of the Lord
824 DLER200304 Power and spiritual dominion
824 SU260498 Remember Lot’s wife/ Ranti aya looti
825 SU030598 Important of faith in God
826 SU100598 Walking worthy of our calling
827 SS/SU240598 The love that gives eternal life/ Ife alailegbe to fun wa ni iye ainipekun
828 Su310598 Faithfulness till the end
829 SU140698 The transformed tongue
830 SS/SU210698 The promised outpouring of the holy spirit
831 SS/SU280698 Our urgent responsibility of soul winning
832 SU050798 Spiritual famine in the last days
833 SU190798 Serving God in troublous times
834 SU020898 Praying for the peace of our country
835 SS/SU090898 Am I my brother’s keeper?
836 SS/SU130998 The blessedness of daily bible reading
837 SS/SU200998 Freedom from worry and anxiety
838 SS/SU270998 The wonder of God’s grace
839 SU270998 When believers sleep
840 SS/SU041098 Rebuilding the broken wall
841 SS/SU181098 The signs of spiritual growth
842 SU081198 Receiving miracle, healing and deliverance
843 SU151198 Total freedom from yokes and curses
844 SU221198 Believer;s master key to prosperity
845 SU291198 Divine provision for the family
846 SS/SU240199 Climbing and conquering through prayer
847 SU310199 Companionship with Christ
848 SU070299 God for us and God with us
849 SS/SU140299 The eternal consequences of hardened the heart
850 SS/SU210299 The christian in the world
851 SS/SU280299 Victory through God’s keeping power
852 SU210399 The believer’s call out of the world
853 SU250499 Following the Lord till the end
854 SU230599 The life that pleases God
855 SU300599 It is finished: Sunday has come
856 SS/SU150699 A sure anchor in a drifting world
856 SS/SU040799 Looking at temporal or eternal things
857 SU270699 Effectual fervent prayer for our nation
859 SU110799 The eternal lost of labouring to gain the world
860 SU180799 The peril of lingering in the last days
861 SU250799 Living in the light of eternity
862 SS/SU080899 The divine seal of ownership
863 SU150899 The broad and the narrow way
864 SU010899 The final gathering and the eternal separation
865 SU190999 Sanctified saints: salt and light in the world
866 SU260999 Burning the bridge behind us
867 SU260999/ The cleansed conscience and heaven sent revival
868 SU031099 Outpouring of the holy ghost during revival
869 SU101099 The spirit’s victory over the flesh
870 SU171099 Genuine christianity and the Lordship of Christ
871 SU241099 The high calling of intercession
872 SU311099 Our expectation and preparation for revival
873 SU071199 The voice of Jacob but the hand of Esau
874 SU211199 A new life in the old world
875 SU281199 The path of peace towards progress
876 SS/SU051299 The sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving
877 SU070101/CB The new language of faith/How to receive God’s blessings
878 SU140101/CB Victory for God’s covenant people
879 SU210101/CB God’s goodness for covenant keepers
880 SU280101/CB Partakers in the Abraham covenant
881 SU040201/CB Exaltation of the humble
882 SU250201/CB The divine seal of ownership
883 SU080401/CB The potentials and powers of unity
884 SU290401 Walking in the spirit
885 SU270501 Your present choice and final destiny
886 SU100601 Discerning and caring for Lord’s body
887 SU170601 Christ’s challenge for everyone
888 SU240601 Praying through to victory
889 SU080701 Rapture of the overcoming saints
890 SU150701 The great wonders of God’s grace
891 SU220701 How to escape the earth and eternal judgement
892 SU290701 The excellent way of love
893 SU050801 The urgent evangelistic ministry for all believers
894 SU020901 Righteous and unrighteous judgement among the brethren
895 SU090901 The future destiny of man
896 SU160901 The blessed hope of the son’s God
897 SU230901 Survival in the last days
898 SU300901 God’s love for the world
899 SU071001 The watchfulness of the righteous
900 SU141001 Marks and characteristics of false religion
901 SU211001 Scattered abroad at God’s command
902 SU281001 The obedience of faith
903 SU111101 Citizen of the kingdom of God
904 Su181101 The righteous principle of kingdom life
905 SU090100 Excitement of a new beginning
906 SU230100 The vision for a new beginning
907 SU300100 The promise keeper and covenant keeper
908 SU130200 The priority and practice of acceptable worship
909 SU200200 The mandate to be like Jesus
910 Su270200 God’s purpose for his church in the new millenium
911 SS/SU190300 Riches in a barren land
912 SU260300 Watching against satan’s temptation
913 SU070500 Blessing of persecuted saint
914 SU140500 Seeking God’s kingdom and his righteousness
915 SS/SU210500 The decision to cleave unto the Lord
916 SU280500 Believers expectaion for Christ second coming
917 SU020200 Foundation of restoration to divine favour
918 SU250600 Sanctification of true believers
919 SU160700 Life time commitment and loyalty to God/Call to watchfulness and warning against self confidence
920 SS/SU230700 The war between the flesh and spirit/ Gideon’s army and complete victory
921 SU300700 Foundation of restoration to divine favour
922 SU130800 Following Christ and serving God acceptably
923 SU270800 Call to watchfulness and warning against self confidence/ The reward and recompence of parent child relationship
924 SS270800 Q&A; The benefits of faith and fellowship with Christ
925 SU030900 A sure testimony to God’s temple
926 SS/SU151000 divine emphases on the forgotten truth/ Misuse of power without purity
927 Su291000 Jesus; The truth that set us free
928 SU121100 Challenges for new millenium christians
929 SU031200 Running the christian race with patience
930 SU060102 Our call and challenge to perfection
930 SU060102// Remember God’s promises and forget the past
931 SU130102 What to remember in the new year
932 SU200102 Remember the Lord and forget your lot
933 SU270102 The righteous principle of kingdom life
934 NWSU280402 Remember the Lord and forget your lot
935 SU050502 Priority of God’s will in our lives
936 SU230602 The church in the world
937 SU300602 Seeking to possess the heavenly treasure
938 SU070702 God’s demand of restitution before restoration of blessing
939 SU140702 The miracle of the new birth
940 SU280702 The great consequence of small decision/ The cost of true discipleship
941 SU040802 Christ power to cleans from all sin and defilement/ A sure anchor in a drifting world
942 SU110802 Beware of the leaven of false dotrine
943 SU180802 The church built on the rock
944 SU250802 The cost of true discipleship
945 SU080902 Christ bride at marriage supper to the lamb
946 SU290902 Beware of the leaven of false dotrine
947 SU061002 Our call and challenge to perfection
948 SU131002 The death of the righteous
949 SU271002 Fellowship among believers in the church
950 SU101102 The more excellent way of love
951 SU291202 The more excellent way of love
952 SU050103 The believer’s righteousness and relation with Christ/ A bible christian in Christ’s church
953 SU120103 Holiness: God’s condition for dwelling with Him
954 SU260103 Righteousness and love in the family/ A bible christian in christ’s church
955 SU090203 Seeking God’s glory in our employment/ Keep the flame
956 SU160203 Danger of prosperity without honesty and holiness
957 NWSU230203 Restoration and revival of holiness
958 SU230203 Sanctification and christlikeness
959 SU030303 Purging the temple of God
960 SU160303 Reward and recompence for the faithfull and fruitless tree
961 SU300303 Ropes of righteousness for kingdom citizens / Renewal of love in the family
962 SU180403 The believer’s contentment and satisfaction in the Lord
963 NWSU250503 God’s demand for holiness
964 SU250503 God’s perception for a great punishment for the sin of anger
965 SU090603 Preparation for a great destiny
966 SU150603 Consecration and holiness unto the Lord
967 SU220603 Holiness of heart without hypocrisy
968 SU290603 Watchfulness and readiness in the last days
969 NWSU290603 God’s perception for a great punishment for the sin of anger
970 SU130703 Sanctified prepared virgins waiting for Christ’s return
971 SU200703 Salvation by grace through faith
972 SU270703 The necessity and marks of the new birth
973 SU030803 Condition and spiritual significant of water baptism
974 SS/SU100303 Pass on the best legacy(LOVE) / The danger of despising our birthright
975 SS171003 The destructive power of envy and hatred
976 SU170803 The purity and persecution of the righteous
977 SU240803 Personal holiness and cleansing from sin
978 SS070903 The forgetful and the forgotten
979 SU070903 Sustaining grace while suffering for righteousness
980 SU140903 Eternal rewards for faithful service on earth
981 NWSU280903 Watchfulness and readiness in the last days
982 SU280903 The life and destiny of a fallen disciple
983 SS/SU280903 The prophesy and purpose of Christ’s death
984 SS/SU051003 The disciple obedience to the Lord/ The power in the blood of Jesus
985 SS/SU121003 The danger of self confidence/ The secret of constant victory over temptation
986 SU/SS191003 Christ’s prayer for the believers/Q&A Summary
987 SU191003 Consecration and prayer for sanctification and holiness
987 NMC191003 Sanctification and freedon from sin
988 SU261003 Sanctification: The believer’s experience
989 SU161103 The promotion of the spirit filled man
990 SU/SS231103 Living righteously in the fear of God/ Why?
991 NWSU301103 Preparation for a glorious destiny
992 SU301103 The december retreat moment of unforgettable encounter
993 SU071203 Preparation for a great harvest of blessing
994 SU141203 All things are now ready
995 SU211203 Full participation for maximum blessing
996 SU040104 The new language of faith
997 SU040104/ The believer’s benefit in the new covenant
998 SU110104 New life in the new covenant
999 SU180104 The precious promises in the new covenant
1000 SU250104 The provision for God’s children in the new covenant
1001 SU250104/ New life in the new covenant
1002 SU/SS150204 The benefit of Christ’s suffering/ Summary
1003 SU/SS220204 The shepherd’s ministry to the flock/ Q&A
1004 SU290204 God’s challenge to absolutely surrendered christians
1005 SU070304 The privilege of profitable labour
1006 MF/SU140304 Soaring higher on the wings of faith and faithfulness
1007 NWSU280304 The shepherd’s ministry to the flock
1008 SU040404 Power for victory over temptation
1009 SU180404 Christ’s power to forgive and to set free from sin
1010 SU250404 Partakers of divine nature
1011 SU020504 The privilege,passion and pursuit of true followers of Christ
1012 SU090504 Living to please the Lord at all times
1013 SU160504 The secret of a happy marriage and family
1014 SU300504 The knowledge of revelation concerning the last day/Prophetic revelation and personal responsibility
1015 NWSU300504 Life time commitment and loyalty to God
1016 SU200604 Living by faith in trying times
1017 NWSU270604 The secret of a happy marriage and family
1018 SU040704 The marks of true children
1019 SU010804 The sign and significance of Christ’s death
1020 SU080804 The failure and recovery of the faithful
1021 SU220804 Our final destiny determined by God’s final books
1022 NWSU290804 Living by faith in trying time
1023 SU290804 God’s favour for His people in the fire
1024 SUSU120904 God’s purpose in our redemption
1025 SU260904 Avoiding discouragement in the eve of our deliverance
1026 SU241004 The blessedness and usefulness of christians on the earth
1027 NWSU311004 Living in the light of eternity
1029 SU071104 The believer’s victory over common and peculiar temptation
1030 SU141104 The unforgetable vision
1031 SU211104 Child training in the family
1031 M091006 Building a happy godly home
1031 SU311004/ Divine prescription for a happy marriage and family
1032 SU281104 God’s unchangable law of sowing and reaping
1033 SU051204 The purpose of our redemption
1034 SU191204 Believer’s separation and protection from wrath
1035 SU020105 The guarantee of a better covenant
1036 SU090105 Manifold blessings in the covenant of grace
1037 SU160105 Great promise in the new covenant
1038 SU230105 The believers benefits in the new covenant
1039 SU300105 The ministry of the holy spirit in the new covenant
1040 SU060205 The believers responsibility to preach the gospel
1041 DLER220308 Ordinary christian with extra-ordinary conviction
1041 NWSU200205 The life and language of faith
1042 SU270205 The mandate and ministry of establishing the church(DLSC2011)
1043 NWSU270205 Consecration for the latter day harvesting
1044 SU060305 Total redemption through the blood of Christ
1045 NWSU240405 The believer’s victory over common and peculiar temptation
1046 SU150505/PH The miracle of partnership with God
1047 NWSU290505 Following the Lord till the end
1048 SU290505 The believers’ baptism and identification with Christ
1049 SU050605 The great privilege of following Christ
1050 SU120605 The blessing of growing in scirptural giving
1051 SU190605 The condition of entering into the kingdom of God
1052 NWSU260605 The blessing of growing in scirptural giving
1053 SU260605 Heavenly minded christians in this present evil world
1054 SU310705 The victory of faith over the world
1055 SU070805 Condition of winning in the christian race
1056 GRCSU140805 The purpose of Christ’s coming
1057 SU210805 The power of God’s word
1058 NWSU280805 Our deliverance from the evil world
1058 SU280805// The joy and the blessing of belonging to Christ
1059 SU040905 Feasting on God’s word and growing stronger in Christ
1060 SU110905 Faithful soul winner remembered and rewarded
1061 SU180905 Great salvation from Christ
1062 NWSU250905 The victory of faith over the world
1063 SU091005 Redemption through the blood Christ
1064 NWSU311005 Faithful soul winner remembered and rewarded
1065 SU131105 Growing up in Christ
1066 NWSU271105 Behold he cometh
1067 SU041205 Holiness in God’s house/Living a life that pleases God
1068 SU181205 The guarantee of a better covenant
1069 SU010106 God’s covenant with His friends
1070 SU080106 Extra ordinary blessing of God’s covenant
1071 SU150106 The beneficiaries of everlasting covenant
1072 SU220106 The sign of covenant relationship with God
1073 SU290106 The blood of the everlasting covenant
1074 SU050206 Christ’s commission for every christian
1075 SU120506 Proclaiming Christ as the only saviour
1076 SU190206 Burdened heart and ed kneel for the lost
1077 SU260206 faithfulness and fruitfulness in evangelism
1078 GMC/SU050306 Believing and laying for Christ
1079 SU190306 Blessing or bleeding through the tongue
1080 NWSU230306 The great privilege of following Christ
1081 GMC/SU020406 Power in the believer’s life
1082 SU230406 Sharing and keeping God’s abundant blessings
1083 SU300406 God’s faithfulness to His children
1084 SU070506 The incomparable blessings of true believers
1085 SU210506 The spirit ministry in the life of believers
1086 GMC/SU280506 This is the way
1087 NWSU280506 Called, Chosen and Faithful
1088 SU040606 Our relationship with Christ and our righteousness in Christ
1089 DLSWS300706 Supernatural of work of God’s word in us
1089 NWSU250606 The conditon of entering into God’s kingdom
1090 SU060806 Our commission of preaching the gospel
1091 SU130806 Believers’ heartcry for revival
1092 SU200806 The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous
1093 NWSU270806 Our commission of preaching the gospel
1094 NWSU240906 The experience and evidence in of salvation in Christ
1095 SU100906 Essential entry qualification for God’s kingdom
1096 SU081006 Proper dressing in readiness for rapture
1097 NWSU291006 Essential entry qualification for God’s kingdom
1098 SS121106 Q&A: The rich man and Lazarus
1099 NWSU261106 The identifying marks of true servants of God
1100 SU031206 Christ’s concern for the lost
1101 SU101206 The highway to the city of God
1102 SU171206 Turning curse into blessing and transforming poverty into prosperity
1103 SU171206// The gateway to an eternal future
1104 SU070107 The new covenant in the new year
1105 SU140107 Partnership with God in the new year
1106 SU210107 The greatest gift in the new covenant
1107 SU280107 The new commandment in the new covenant
1108 SU180207 Building with God for His glory
1109 NWSU250207 Self examination before the mirror of God’s word
1110 SU040307 The greatest is charity
1111 SU110307 The unmistakable mark of God’s peculiar people
1112 SU250307 Power of consecrated life
1112 NWSU250307 Experiencing and proclaiming God’s great salvation
1113 SU010407 Our new life in Christ
1114 SS150407 Law concerning clean and unclean food
1115 SU150407 Praising God continually for His goodness
1116 SU290407 A great danger in our little member
1117 NWSU290407 Praising God continually for His goodness
1118 NWSU270507 Sharing and keeping God’s abundant blessings
1119 SU030607 Divine recognition and compassion for the poor EY
1120 SU100607 Challenging prophecies for the last day
1121 SU170607 Passion for God and compassion for the world
1122 NWSU240607 Challenging prophecies for the last days
1123 SU010707 Fellowship in God’s family
1124 SU080707 Holiness and Heaven
1125 SU150707 The believers aceptable sacrifice
1126 NWSU290707 Fellowship in God’s family
1127 SU050807 God’s universal call to holiness
1128 SU120807 God’s demand for total transformation and satisfaction
1129 SU190807 Q&A: Understanding Christ’s injunction before cruxifixion
1130 SU190807/ The power of Christ’s redeeming blood
1131 SS/SU260807 Q&A: Christ and our agony clarified
1132 SU260807 Benefit of submission to God’s will
1133 NWSU260807 Believers’ acceptable sacrifice
1134 SS/SU160907 Q&A: Baptism in the holy spirit
1135 SU160907 The ministry of the holy spirit in believers
1136 SU230907 The established heart
1137 NWSU300907 The established heart
1138 SU071007 Experiencing healing through the look of faith
1139 SS/SU141007 Summary/ The great privilege of becoming God’s peculiar treasure
1140 SU211007 Christ in you, the hope of glory
1141 SU281007 The promise of the spirit for the believer
1142 NWSU281007 The blessing and benefit of submission to God’s will
1143 SU041107 The reward of faithful service
1144 SU181107 The promise of earthly and eternal rest
1145 SU251107 Christ; the prince of peace
1146 NWSU251107 The ministry of the holy spirit in a believer
1147 SU161207 Building a temple for God’s glory
1148 SU301207 Trusting and serving God till the end
1149 NWSU301207 Blessedness and usefulness of christian on the earth
1150 SU060108 God’s priority in the new year
1151 SU130108 New things for the new year
1152 SU200108 God’s priority in the new year
1153 SU270108 The assurance of guaranteed blessing in the new year
1153 SU/SS270108 Q&A ON The Consequence Of Obedience And Disobedience
1154 SU 030208 Q&A ON / Law Concerning Vow And Tithe
1154 SU030208 Christ’s supreme sacrifice and believers’ promised blessings
1155 SU100208 Victory for christian soldiers in spiritual warfare
1156 SU170208 The divine purpose for the separation army of God’s
1157 GMC/SU240208 REMEMBER
1158 SU090308 Commitment to preaching Christ’s unchanging gospel
1159 SU160308 Taking away the veil from the heart
1160 SU300308 God’s promise and our preservation
1161 SU130408 The prove of your gratitude to God
1162 SU204008 The choice of the wise
1163 SU270408 Preparation for heavenly citizenship
1164 SU040508 The mandate of the great commission
1165 NWSU250508 The choice of the wise
1166 SU250508 The great cost of unbelief
1167 SU010608 Earnestness in response to Christ message
1168 SU080608 Overcoming the subtitle device of Satan
1169 SU150608 An urgent call to sleeper in perilous time
1170 NWSU290608 The choice of the wise
1171 SU290608 Winning with Christ to the end
1172 SU130708 Watchfulness and warning against lukewarmness
1173 SS270708 The great tribulation and anti-christ
1174 SU030708 Constant victory over the spirit of the anti-christ
1175 NWSU270708 The great cost of unbelieve
1176 SS030808 Offering for the dedication of the Alter
1177 Su030808 God’s pleading with his people
1178 SS100808/ Cleansing of the levite
1178 SU100808 Watchfulness and readiness for Christ’s coming
1179 SU240808 Looking unto Jesus Our Savior and Lord
1180 SS310808 Significance of the trumpet sound
1181 SU310808 Listening to the trumpet sound
1182 NWSU310808 God’s pleading with his people
1183 SU070908 God mercy and readiness to forgive
1184 SU140908 The benefit of unity among the brethren
1185 SU210908 The believer’s identification with Christ
1186 NWSU280908 Remember
1187 SU051008 Patiently waiting for God’s glory
1187 SU 051008
1188 SU121008 The day when the book shall be open
1188 SU 121008 Q&A ON/ The Great White Throne Judgment
1189 SU191008/ Q&A;on Hell The Destiny Of Sinners
1189 SU191008 Christ’s revelation of man’s eternal future
1190 SU261008 God’s challenge and the expectation of his children
1190 SU 261008 Q&A ON/ Victory Over Temptation
1191 SU021108 The final perpetual rest for God’s people
1192 SU091108 The promise baptism for all believers
1193 SU161108 The great power of our tongue
1194 SU231108 Glimpses of the heavenly Canaan, the better country
1195 NWSU301108 The day when the book shall be open
1197 SU141208 The worship and service of true believers
1198 SU211208 The fulfillment of the written word
1199 NWSU281208 The fulfillment of the written word
1199 SU281208 The adversary prophecy of Christ’s redemptive Death
1200 NWSU250109 Passion for God and compasssion for the world
1201 SU010209 Crossing to Canaan land this new year
1202 SU080209 Entering the promise land by faith
1203 SU150209 The secret of supernatural supply in time like this
1204 SU220209 Supernatural sign for faithful believers
1205 SU010309 The spirit ministry in the believers
1206 SU080309 The indisputable mark of a true dsicpleship
1207 SU150309 Full salvation through believing in Christ
1208 SU220309 Deliverance and protection from the evil world
1209 NWSU290309 Heavenly minded and christian in this present evil world
1210 NWSU260409 Rewardable commitment of a focus life
1211 SU030509 Let revival fire keep burning
1212 SU100509 The secret of a radiant life
1213 SU170509 Transformation unto his likeness
1214 SU240509 the blessedness of abding fruitful relationship
1215 NWSU310509 Let revival fire keep burning
1216 SU070609 Q&A; The plot to curse Israel/ Glorifying God through spiritual fruithfulness
1217 SU140609 Q&A;Christ intercession for the church/ The fruit of true discipleship
1218 NWSU280609 Q&A; Trial of Christ/The secret of radiant life
1219 SU280609 The believers’ ministry in the world
1220 NWSU260609 The secret of a radiant life EY
1221 SU050709 Timely revelation for all believers
1222 SU050709/ Q&A The crucifixion and burial of Christ
1223 SU190709/ Q&A Repentance and Restitution
1224 SU190709 The supreme purpose of the spirit coming
1225 NWSU260709 The fruit of true discipleship
1226 SU260709 Christian attitude during persecution/Christ’s consolation and comforting assurance
1227 SS160809 Q&A Israel’s desent into whoredom
1228 SU160809 Repentance and resistitution EY
1229 NWSU300809 The supreme purpose of the spirit EY
1230 SU300809 The unmistakable mark of true believer
1231 SU060909 Q&A: New generation of Israel numbered EY
1232 SU130909 Q&A: Christian attitude during persecution EY
1233 SS/SU200909 Christ reproves Thomas
1234 SU200909 Christ’s prayer for the preservation of believers
1235 NWSU270909 Christ consolation and comforting assurance EY
1236 SU041009 The believers’ separation and sacrificial service in the world
1237 SU041009/ Q&A: Post resurrection discourse and ascendsion of Christ
1238 SU111009 Christ’s intercession for our sanctification
1239 SU111009/ Readiness for the outpouring of the Holy ghost
1240 SS/SU011109 Q&A: Marriage and family life of christians
1241 SS/SU011109/ The foundation and formation of Godly family
1242 SS/SU081109 Q&A: Joshua succeed Moses
1243 NWSU291109 God’s pleading with his people
1243 NWSU251009 A great danger in our little member
1244 SU081109 The call and the privilege of the faithful
1245 SU221109 Believers’ best offering to the Lord
1246 SS/SU221109 Q&A: Laws concerning vows and oaths
1247 SU291109 Q&A: Defeat of the Medianites and death of Balam
1248 SU291109/ Covetousness and its great consequency
1249 SU030110 Q&A: The healing of the lame man
1250 SU030110/ The new man in the king’s highway
1251 SU100110 The new man with a new name
1252 SU170110 God’s promise of better things for all believers
1253 SU240110 Higher ground through covenant promises
1254 SU240110/ SUMMARY: Assurance of salvation
1255 SU310110 Knowing the God of the new covenant
1256 SU170110/ SUMMARY: The early church renewed
1257 SU070210 Q&A: The Lord’s supper
1258 SU070210/ Our eternal inheritance through the blood of Jesus Christ
1259 NWSU280210 Indisputable mark of true discipleship
1260 SU140210 The possession of the righteous
1261 SU280210 The portion and possession of the Levites
1262 SU140310 Possessing the believers’ inheritance
1263 SU140310/ Q&A: Keeping each tribe’s inheritance
1264 SU210310 Q&A: The sin and death of Ananias and Saphira
1265 SU210310/ The supernatural signs through a united sanctified church
1266 SU280310 The promise that cannot fail
1267 SU280310/ Blessedness of abiding fruitful relationship
1268 SU280310// Q&A: The apostles before the Sanhedrin
1269 SU040410
1270 SU110410 The healing of life threatening disease
1271 SS180410 The gracious character of a true disciple
1271 SU110410/ Appointment of leaders in the church
1272 NWSU250410 The healing of a life threating disease
1272 SU250410 Q AND A
1273 SS020510 Q&A: The gospel spreads to Samaria
1274 NWSU020510 Essential elements of true revival
1275 SU090510 The ministry of the Holy spirit
1276 SU090510/ Q&A: The baptism with the Holy ghost
1277 SU160510 Q&A: Divine healing and health
1278 SU160510/ Healing and health by faith and faithfulness
1279 NWSU300510 The way into the kingdom of God
1280 SU060610 Believers’ present privilege and possession
1281 SU060610/ Q&A: Exhortation to obedience
1282 SU130610 Blessedness through the suffiency of God’s word
1283 SU130610/ Q&A: Exhortation to obedience
1284 SU200610 Q&A: The ten commandment restated
1285 SU200610/ Eternal benefits of gracious obedience to God’s word
1286 NWSU270610 Believers’ present privilege and possession
1287 SU110710 Apostolic power to raise the dead
1288 SU110710/ Q&A: Dorcas raised from the dead
1289 SS010810 Personal evangelism
1289 SU010810 Making your life count for eternity
1290 SU150810 Q&A: Marriage and family life of chriatians
1291 SU150810/ The sacredness of Godly marriage and family
1292 SU220810 Q&A Supremacy of love
1293 SU220810/ The pre-eminence of loving God wholeheartedly
1294 SU290810 Q&A Danger of evil association
1295 SU290810/ The faithfulness of our covenant keeping God
1296 NWSU260910 The proclamation of Jubilee freedom
1297 NW300910 The way into the kingdom of God EY
1298 NWSU311010 From freedom to a glorious future
1298 SU311010// Readiness for the day of the Lord
1298 SS311010/ Q&A; The rapture and the secon coming of Christ
1299 SU071110 Christ Warning against the antichrist
1299 SU071110/ Q&A; The great tribulation and the antichrist
1299 SU141110 The transforming power of Christ-like thinking
1299 SS141110 Contemporary Social vice;the Christian view
1300 SU051210 The preservation of life transforming truth
1300 SU211110 Experiencing the days of Heaven on earth
1300 SS211110 Love and obedience to God
1301 SU051210/ Q&A: Warning against adolatry
1302 SU020111 Divine appeal for a life enriching choice
1302 SU020111/ Q&A;Ceremonial law versus grace
1303 SU160111 A new dawn for a transformed church
1303 NWSU090111 Turning persecution to prevailing proclamation
1304 SU230111 The Blessed assurance of a better future
1305 NWSU300111 The victory that never ends
1306 NWSU270211 Passion for God and compassion for the world E/IJ
1307 NWSU270311 The Mandate and ministry of establishing the church
1308 GB170311 Gbagada project and overseer visitation
1309 NWSU270311. The gracious character of a true disciple
1310 NWSU240411 Effectual fervent prayer for our nation
1311 NWSU240511 Fervent prayer for the nation’s restoration
1312 SU220511 Kingdom faith(Special)
1313 NWSU290511 Penetrating the society with kingdom keys
1314 NWSU260611 The dynamite and the dynamics faith(special)
1315 SU190611 Receiving Christ’s and his miracle(special)
1316 STS030711 Paul’s bids to Ephesians’ elders farwell
1317 SU030711 The marks of a true disciples of Christ
1318 SS170711 Q&A; The commitent of the children of God
1318 SS170711// Paul takes a Jewish vow
1318 SU240711 A happy day for a desperate man
1319 SU310711 There is no one like Jesus (special)
1320 SS210811 Q&A:Inspiration of the scripture
1321 SU/SS210811 Inspiration of the scriptures
1321 SU210811/ The transforming power of Christ’s doctrine
1322 SS280811 Q&A:Cureses upon the desobedient
1323 SU280811/ Our great redemption through Christ’s atonement
1323 NWSU280811// The marks of a true disciples of Christ
1324 SU040911 Abiding blessing for born again obedient Christian
1325 SU040911/ Q&A: Promise blessing for the obedient
1326 SU110911 The purpose of divine revelation
1327 NWSU250911 The purpose of divine revelation
1328 NWSU301011 Experiencing the day of heaven on earth E/Y/I
1329 SU301011 Q&A: Paul sent to Rome
1330 SU301011/ Faith and faithfulness for eternal salvation
1331 SU061111 Power for daily victory over temptation
1331 SS061111 Victory over temptation
1332 SS131111 Q&A:Moderation and christian dressing
1332 SU131111 Christian dressing that pleases and glorify God
1333 SU201111 Knowing the living God by divine revelation/mama reception
1334 SS201111 Q&A;Trinity of Godhead
1335 NWSU271111 Power for daily victory over temptation
1335 SU271111 God’s Sacred charge for everyone to keep(Reception of Mrs Kum.
1336 SS271111 God speaks to moses
1337 SU041211 The good old days and the glorious coming days
1338 SU111211 The latter-day blessings of God’s people
1338 DLWNS311211 Sure foundation for the future
1339 DLCS010112 The first day of a glorious futture
1340 DLCS150112 Planting the seeds of a desirable future
1341 DLCS080112 The Pilgrim on a journey to a better future
1341 DLCS220112 The blessed assurance of better future
1342 SU290112 God’s promise of better things for all beleivers
1343 DLCS120212 Our faith journey to the promised future
1343 SS120212 Q&A;Christ virgin birth, death and resurrection
1344 SS190212 Q&A; The fruits of the spirit
1344 DLCS190212 An exceedingly fruitful year for Abraham’s seed
1345 SS260212 Victory over temptation
1345 SU260212 Christian dressing that pleases and glorifies God EY
1346 SU040312 The call to a closer walk with God
1346 SS040312/ Consistence Christian living
1347 SS110312 The danger of believing a lie
1347 SU110312 Giving up the past to gain the future
1348 SU180312 Our preparation for mighty signs and wonder
1348 SS180312 Divine blue print for crossing Jordan
1349 SS250312 Crossing over into the future
1349 SU250312 The remembrance of unforgetable miracle
1350 NWSU270512 Faith and faithfulness for our eternal salvation
1350 NWSU290412 Given up the past to gain the future
1351 SU270512 Faith and faithfulness for our eternal salvation
1352 SS030612 Total depravity, sinfulness and guilt of all men
1352 SU030612 Righteousness through salvation in Christ
1353 SU240612 The transforming joy of God’s people(GL)
1354 SU010712 Building Churches that please the Lord
1355 SU220712 The restoration of Christ’s Church
1356 NWSU290712 Building churches that please the Lord
1357 SU120812 The will of Christ and the faithfulness of Christ OKENE
1358 SS120812 The triumph of believers in Christ
1359 NWSU260812 Living after God’s heart
1360 SS020912 Rightousness by faith
1360 SU020912 The power and the privilege of the righteous
1361 NWSU281012 The power life of faith and freedom
1362 SU 021212 Rejoice evermore
1362 NWSU300912 The result of knowing God’s will
1363 SU060113 The renewed promises for God’s peculiar people
1364 NWSU240213 An Exceedingly fruitful year for Abraham’s seed
1364 CS130113 The pilgrims on a journey better future
1365 SU170313 Receiving great benefit from the ministry sts
1365 SS170313 Commendation and exhortation to unity in the church
1366 SU070413 The dominion of Israel and the church
1367 SS070413 freedom from witchcraft
1368 SU 280413 possessing and preserving your miracle
1369 SU050513 Living each day with the final day in mind
1369 SS050513 The death of Joshua
1370 NWSU280713 The power and the privilege of the righteous
1371 SU040813 Our heavenly citizenship and eternity rewards
1372 NWSU250813 OUR heavenly citizenship and eternal reward
1374 NWSU290913 The call to closer walk with God
1374 SU080913 Fulfilling God’s call by faith in his sufficiency
1375 SS061013 On paul examplary life In ministry
1375 SU061013. Saving the lost at any cost
1376 NWSU241113 The renewed Christian in full conquered’s armour
1376 SU271013 Making Your Life Count For Eternity
1377 NWSU260114 Passion for progress in the new year
1377 SU050114 Preparation for a Life time of wonders
1379 NWSU 261015 The self destruction of a permissive nation
1380 SU090214 The dominant of faith of steadfast believer
1381 SS020214 Loving serving the body of christ
1381 SU020214 Believer Consecration And Non Conformity To The World
1381 NWSU230214 The Believer’s consecration and non conformity to the world
1382 SS 020314 Jephtan’s vow And Victory Over Ammon
1382 SU020314 The mystry of in dwelling christ
1384 SU230314 The Priority of selfless service in christian worship
1385 SS230314 Precepts for use of spiritual Gifts
1386 NWSU270414 Arise, go up to bethel
1386 NWSU250514 The mystery of indwelling Christ
1387 NWSU290614 The priority of selfless service in christian worship
1388 NWSU270714 The fundamental principles in the kingdom life of faith
1389 SS100814 Divine healing and health
1390 SU100814 Healing and health for the whole Man
1391 SU310814 Renewing Our commitment to God’s forgotten word
1392 NWSU310814 Healing and health for the whole man
1393 SS310814 Divine healing and health
1394 SS140914 Conflict between Israel and Benjamin
1394 SU140914 The self destruction of a permissive nation
1395 SS280914 Moral perversion in gibeah
1395 NWSU280914 Renewing our commitment to God’s forgotten word
1396 SS161114 Personal evagelism Not GS
1396 SU161014 Compassionate intercession by Christ-like soulwinners
1397 NWSU301114 Compassionate intercession by Christ-like soulwinners
1397 SU281214 Ending well for a great new beginning
1398 SU141214 Seeking God’s best through an irreversible consecration
1399 SU040115cs 365 days of the more abundant life
1399 SU110115cs God’s promises of better things for all believers
1400 SU180115cs Living victoriously in a corinthian world
1401 SU250115cs Maintaining the overcomer’s victory in Christ
1402 SU010215cs The believer’s roadmap to constant victory
1403 SU080215 Living like Christ on earth
1404 SU150215 A godly marriage and a heavenly minded family
1405 SU220215 Godly marrige and heavenly-minded family
1405 SU220215, God’s word in a transformed believer
1406 SU010315 The blessedness of a briddle tongue
1407 SU080315 The great potential of a little member
1408 NWSU290315 The word in a transformed believer EY
1408 SU150315 Pressing on to perfection
1409 NWSU260415 The blessedness of a briddle tongue
1410 SU170515 Proper response to Christ’s return
1411 SU240515 The character of God
1411 SS240515 Divine judgment on Eli’s posterity
1412 SU310515 Divine demand for a God-Honouring Church
1412 SU310515. Proper response to Christ’s return
1412 NWSU310515 Living like Christ on earth
1414 SU210615 Recovering the lost priviledges of God’s ark
1415 NWSU280615 Profiting from God’s warning and judgment
1416 SU050715 Total liberation and true freedom through Christ
1417 NWSU260715 Recovering the lost priviledges of God’s Ark
1418 NWSU300815 Pressing on to perfection
1419 SS060915 Israe ask for a king
1420 SU060915 God’s plan for his own
1421 NWSU270915 God’s plan for his own
1422 NWSU251015 Total liberation and freedom through Christ
1423 SU011115 The unlimited dimensions of Christ’s surpassing love
1424 SU081115 The all sufficiency gift of Christ for all
1424 SU151115 The unwavering obedient of true disciple to the heavenly master
1425 SU131215 The inescapable consequence of man’s foolishness
1425 SS131215 Saul disobeys the Lord
1425 NWSU291115 The unlimited dimensions of Christ’s surpassing love
1426 SU030116 Walking in the old path with new strength
1427 SU100116 Renewed strength for the heavenly ward journey
1428 SU170116 Rediscovering the forgotten path to blessing
1429 SU240116 The spiritual profit and progress of wise pilgrim
1430 SS310116 Precepts for Christian marriage
1430 SU310116 Giving God our best for his best
1431 SU070216 The preservation of God’s sacred covenant
1432 SU140216 Preparation for the messenger of the covenant
1433 SU210216 Deliverance from the present evil world
1434 SU280216 Fundamental blessing while walking with God
1434 SU280216,
1435 SS060316 The second coming of Christ
1435 SU060316 Serious alarm for urgent preparation
1436 SU130316 Great exploits through unexpected youths
1437 SS130316 David defeats Goliath
1438 SU200316 Readiness for the great day of Christ’s second coming
1438 SU030416
1439 SU100416 Practical love for our neighbour
1440 SU170416 The indispensable companion of lifetime faith
1441 NWSU240416 Great exploits through unexpected youths EY
1441 SU240416 Living a shining light in the world
1442 SU010516 The price of spiritual progress heavenward
1442 SU080516 The foundation of spiritual stability
1443 SU150516 The spiritual state of the true church
1444 SU220516 The only way of escape from God’s wrath
1445 SU290516 The Entire consecration of the true children of God
1446 NWSU290516, The indispensable companion of lifetime faith
1447 SU050616 Our comprehension and gratitude for extra ordinary breakthrough
1448 SU120616 Holiness: our great and indispensable possession
1449 SU190616 Living to fulfil God’s will despite opposition
1450 SU100716 The foundation of christian living
1451 SU170716 Living righteosly before God and before all Men
1452 SU140816 The renewed life of rapturable saints
1453 NWSU280816 The blessedness of full redemption
1454 SU110916 Prophetic insight into the events of an imminent end
1455 SU180916 Finishing well after starting right
1456 SU250916 Believers’ victory over gentiles abomination
1457 NWSU301016 NASA Reigning through Christ’s anointing
1458 SU201116 The rapture of Christ’s sanctified bride
1458 SU131116 God’s call unto holiness
1459 NWSU271116 The rapture of Chrst’s sanctified bride
1460 SU010117cs The believers’ total victory throughout his life time
1460 SS010117 David expands his kingdom [SUMMARY]
1461 SU080117cs Unlimited privileges of the king’s adopted sons
1462 SU150117cs The absolutely essential ministry of pleasing the Lord
1463 SS150117 David committed adultary
1464 SS220117 Precepts for christian living [Q AND A ]
1464 SU220117 Divine lmperatives for the rapture ready church
1465 NWSU290117 The belivers’ roadmap to constant victory
1466 SU120217 The prosperity of diligent believer in recession
1467 SU190117 Keeping the faith in a good conscience
1468 SU260217 The glorious experience of new birth
1469 NWSU260217 Keeping the faith in a good conscience
1470 SU050317 The only two destinies at the end of life
1471 SU120317 The most compelling task for the church
1472 SU190317 Raising family full of love not hatred
1473 SU260317 Absolute surrender and entire consecration to our king
1474 SU020417 Bringing the king back
1475 SU090417 The preservation of god’s light for our profit
1476 SU230417 Onward and upward with victory
1477 SU300417 Conserving the freshnessof a spirtual outpouring
1478 NWSU260317 Raiding families full of love not hatred
1479 SU070517 Running the race withour encumbrances
1480 SU140517 The ministry and power of god’s word
1481 NWSU280517= Godliness with contentment in heaven-bound saints
1481 SU210517 Godliness with contentment in heaven-bound saints
1482 SU280517 Our commitment to the word in the world
1483 SU040617 The expraordinary profit of diligent in a well spent-life
1484 SU110617 Fuller revelation for faithful members and fervent minister
1485 SU180617 Conquering in the days of crisis
1486 SU250617 IKORODU The believers’ inhesitance in christ
1487 NWSU250617, The extra- ordinary profit of diligence in a well spent life
1488 SU020717; EPE The prayer that prevails and possesses



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